New Support for Nutrition Changes Recommended in this Blog

I have been convinced for quite some time nutritional changes I have made are partly responsible for how well my pain is controlled and my continuing “clinical remission”. Part of my “integrated approach” is working to control all bodily inflammation, not merely RA inflammation. The link I’m posting concerns the FODMOP diet and strengthens my hypothesis. Of course, it is being looked upon as a way to get rich quick which is how the greedheads approach everything. You don’t have to pay to learn these things. Make a change today. The hardest part is getting started.

The same could be said for blogging. My apologies for having ignored this blog since last March. This is merely stories about those things I feel have made a positive difference in living with RA.

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Is the Paleo Diet for You?

Is the Paleo Diet for You? | Natural Grocers

This article is very helpful in understanding my dietary approach to nutrition. There is an even better article in the latest sales flyer from Natural Grocers, the Vitamin Cottage. I’m trying to get a link for it and I’ll post it when I do. My dietary changes have benefited my over-all well-being and if not a direct part of my RA remission, it is certainly an indirect part as exhibited by my increased vigor.

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Statins and the Brain

Here is another interesting New York Times column concerning something that affects many of us. Anybody out there in RA land experience memory problems or brain fog? Any RA patients out there on statins for cholesterol? It seems statins could be part of my problem which, since I started statins in 2005, has been finding the energy to work out in the gym. It is a vicious cycle. It is more like a piece of the downward spiral I’ve experienced. I’m making it to the gym 2 days/week currently but having trouble working around MTX and daily fatigue, aches and pains. Brain fog has been a large part of my RA journey. Gee, I also don’t have much energy.

I’m going to continue my current supplement and statin regimen and make a decision after I see my next blood work in about 4 weeks. I will likely drop the statin and focus on the red rice yeast and niacin route.

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Exercise, Statin Drugs, RA

My wife picked up a column in the New York Times on the effect of statin drugs on exercising, the cardio-vascular system and muscle tissue. It is rather disconcerting if true and reported accurately and one such as myself is on a statin drug. This gives me motivation to delve into how I might lower my total and LDL cholesterol because I am taking a statin. I tried omitting it for 6 weeks prior to my last blood draw and the rebound total cholesterol was higher than when I started the symvastatin. My new doctor called when he got the blood draw results because I forgot to tell him I was not taking the  statin and he thought the insanely high number was with the statin drug (heheheeee, NOT).

Looks like I’m in for another try on the the old red rice yeast and niacin treatment. I’m exercising now, only two days/wk but I can feel an improvement and that will be interesting. I wonder why I might not still have the energy to do more than 2/wk? Is it this or is it MTX and statin with RA (plus Father Time)? Stay tuned. Like Gilda Radner said “It’s Always Something”.

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Vitamin B6 Eases Inflammation in Rheumatoid Arthritis | Natural Grocers

Vitamin B6 Eases Inflammation in Rheumatoid Arthritis | Natural Grocers.

Supplements and foods with anti-inflammatory properties has been a big part of my nutritional and supplement approach to managing my Rheumatoid Arthritis. This article supports that theory.

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Beneficial Tree Nut Oils

Update: Great page from University of Nebraska about Nut Nutrition including the number of nuts/oz (28grams).

Here is a recent article posted on Twitter by Mike Weller, The Brain Guy,  concerning beneficial effects on the brain when walnuts are a strong part of diet as in the Mediterranean Diet. Another beneficial effect from olive oil, tree nut oils and fish oil is reducing arterial plaque. Sorry I am not to swift on posting new links (amongst other things).

@MikeWeller1 from Twitter.

Antioxidants in walnuts seem to boost memory and counteract cognitive decline (Wall Street Journal) –

This is why I try to have 1-2 oz of tree nuts daily. Beneficial common tree nuts include hazelnuts, walnuts, pecans, filberts, almonds and pistachios. All oils have about 175 calories per tablespoon and can add up quickly. Eat no more than your total daily caloric intake allows, ie, you must account for these calories.

Thanks, Mike Weller!

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Juice Fast for Weight Loss? – Dr. Weil

Juice Fast for Weight Loss? – Dr. Weil.

This article has some good, general nutrition suggestions for weight loss. There are other links in the article I urge anyone interested to read.

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